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Inanna Obsidian Premieres at Filmonik 19

The newest short film by British independent film makers Nerverack has been soundtracked exclusivley by CheShA and premiered last week at the 19th outing of the monthly film showcase Filmonik. The film, Inanna Obsidian, is a broody, experimental horror short that pays homage to the likes of Clive Barker and David Lynch.

2 Responses to “Inanna Obsidian Premieres at Filmonik 19”

  1. tido Says:

    Hey, had no idea you had this up :D

  2. Matt Rogerson Says:

    Yo dude, nice one. Has Tido not put you a credit on the website yet? I’ll double check with him.

    Once again, could not be more impressed with your efforts, will sort out your fee when I am back in the uk (coupla weeks).


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